Sowa Rigpa practioner, Chemist, Teacher.
Udhan Wimukthi - ཀ་དག་རྡོ་རྗེ་ (kadag-Dorje)

I studied applied sciences (chemistry, mathematics and physics) for my bachelors and later did my masters in analytical chemistry. After graduation I worked one and half years as a chemist and work about 8 month as a business development executive. Afterwards I migrated to Estonia and completed my MBA in digital society. I am currently working as a chemist in Tartu.

Since I was born and raised in Theravada Buddhist culture I got curious to learn Sowa Rigpa and Tibetan yogic tradition. I found many similarities between Sowa Rigpa and Ayurveda. Sowa Rigpa provides a better understanding on natural metabolism and more importantly deeper understanding on harmony between different forces in universe.


Coming soon.