Dear Forum Guests,

We want to welcome you in the best way we can, here are some instructions on accommodation and how to get to us. If you can't find what you need below, feel free to drop us an email: info@sowarigpaforum.com

1) Transportation:

If you fly to us:
Take a bus from Tallinn airport to Viljandi town, and get tickets on www.tpilet.ee. it should be within 15 euros per ride, and a 2-hour ride. The airport bus station also has a self-service ticket dispenser where you can buy tickets for buses stopping at the airport on the way to Viljandi. The machine accepts card payments.

Please walk to the right side, you will see a glass window tunnel next to a cafe shop, walk to the end of this tunnel and you will see an escalator, go down and you will see the self-service ticket dispenser and a comfortable waiting room with a few charging spots.

If you drive to us:

Google Maps will guide you, If you face any problems within the territory of Estonia, please contact Drukmo (drukmo@sowarigpaforum.com) for help, and we will try our best to assist you.

2) Car Rental services:
They are available at the airport, you may also read the following article to find out which car rental company fits your needs: Click Here

3) Taxi:
The best way is to download "BOLT" on your phone and order online, it is safer and cheaper to use in Estonia.

4) Accommodation:
Viljandi is a beautiful but tiny town, the whole town is within walkable distance; plus quite many events take place in the summer months, so we strongly advise you to book your accommodation via the following channels as soon as possible to ensure quality and price for value:
Official website of Viljandi town: CLICK HERE
Filtered Booking.com: CLICK HERE
Filtered Airbnb options: CLICK HERE

Here are a few links with options to book your accommodation. We advise you to narrow your search strictly to the town of Viljandi, to have the Conference center within walking or cycling distance from your possible accommodation.

NB! We advise you to book the accommodation as soon as possible as Viljandi is a very popular tourist destination, leaving the booking process at the last moment, might leave you with very few options.

5) Forum space:
Sakala Cultural Center
Tallinna 5, Viljandi
71018, Viljandi maakond, Estonia
Conference centre Sakala Keskus
Tallinna 5, Viljandi
71018, Viljandi maakond, Estonia