Teaching somatic practices and meditation globally, leading explorations in contemplative & interpersonal realms through Guru Viking Podcast.
Steve James

Steve James travels internationally teaching and leading workshops on somatic practices, meditation, and interpersonal themes. Sought after by leading figures in the arts, entertainment, and business, Steve’s private counselling clients include Oscar-winning actors, multi Grammy winning musicians, and leaders in tech and finance. Steve is the host of the Guru Viking Podcast.


Bhutan's First Psychiatrist, The Life Story of Dr Chencho Dorji.

Steve James will draw on hours of personal interview footage as well as access to unpublished memoirs to present the story of Dr Chencho Dorji, Bhutan's first psychiatrist and a pioneer in mental health care. Born in 1959 in the Paro district of Bhutan, Dr Dorji emerged from a childhood of familial abuse to complete advanced medical degrees in general medicine and psychiatry. Inspired by his brother's prolonged mental illness, which traditional healing modalities failed to treat, Dr Dorji has dedicated his life to easing the suffering of those with mental illness using the tools of psychiatry and community-based health care. Dr Dorji is a passionate advocate of dialogue between modern medicine and traditional healing approaches. His story challenges stigma around mental illness, invites a re-examination of Sowa Rigpa treatments such as ritual and exorcism, and calls for closer collaboration between medical doctors and traditional healers.