Social anthropologist, research fellow at the University of Tartu, Estonia
Mari Valdur, PhD

I am a social anthropologist who completed her PhD at the University of Helsinki in 2020. Since then I have held several short-term positions and am currently working as a research fellow at the Mongolian Research Lab, Institute of Cultural Research at the University of Tartu, Estonia. My research expertise involves Mongolian Traditional Medicine and medical anthropology, and broader research interests include reproductive healthcare, gender, kinship, capitalism, and Mongolia.


Sowa Rigpa through the lens of Medical Anthropology, an intro to research focused on Sowa Rigpa in the global healthcare arena.

In this presentation I will briefly introduce the subdiscipline of medical anthropology and its development trajectory since the 1960s. I will also discuss some of the key questions and approaches that medical anthropologists have been applying to the studies of health and wellbeing that are not confined to biomedicine, with a particular focus on Sowa Rigpa.