Pulmonologist, Head of Department of Pulmonology, Confido Medical Centre, in Tallinn, Estonia.
Erve Sõõru MD, PhD

She graduated the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tartu in 1993 and received the degree of physician in sports medicine and rehabilitation in 1993 and specialist in pulmonary medicine from the University of Tartu in 2002. She received the PhD (in Health Technologies) in Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Health Technologies. She is accredited somnologist and as an Expert in Sleep Medicine from the European Sleep Research Society in 2013. She is Co-Founder and member of the board of the Estonian Sleep Medicine Association (president 2012-2019) and the Estonian Sleep Society. Main areas of interest: asthma, COPD, sleep disordered breathing, respiratory failure.


How to manage sleep disorders in modern medicine?

In today's society, there are many more factors that negatively affect the quality of sleep than in our ancestors. More attention has been paid to sleep health and valuing good sleep. We know more about sleep, but much remains to be discovered. In the lecture, I will introduce sleep disorders: insomnia, breathing disorders during sleep, movement disorders during sleep, sleep-wake rhythm disorders, parasomnias. I present diagnostic methods and treatment options for sleep disorders in modern medicine. We are talking about chronotypes and jet lag syndrome. I give recommendations for improving sleep hygiene.