Mantra singer, practitioner of Sowa Rigpa and Buddhism, novice Anthropologist.
Drukmo Gyal

Drukmo Gyal was born in the Northeastern part of Tibet into a yogi family where mantra, yoga, and meditation were introduced at a young age. She practiced mantras with traditional melodies and in 2008 began singing publicly and touring the world. In 2014 she moved to the West in order to work with Sorig Khang International.

Combining her passion for singing with her Sowa Rigpa knowledge, she has sought to create healing concerts that nurture the body, speech, and mind. She has been blessed to collaborate with musicians worldwide, producing five albums of Tibetan Healing Mantras and Prayers, and it's been an honor to share my work in over 30 countries through concerts, lectures, and courses.

During the Covid years, she also completed MA in anthroplogy as well as Sowa Rigpa Mental Health Counselor Program by Sowa Rigpa Institute, she works as Sowa Rigpa mental health counselor, mantra singer and Sowa Rigpa teacher, etc.


Drukmo will be the main moderator of panel discussions.