Senior Sowa Rigpa External Therapist; has been studying and practicing Sowa Rigpa since 2006.
Merle Nurm

I've been involved in the study of Tibetan Medicine since 2006 when the first medical training took place in Estonia. Since 2009, Tibetan therapies and medicine have been my daily work. My first lesson in Sowa Rigpa was Kunye, guided by Anu Rootalu-Wachsmann. Thanks to her, the possibility to study Tibetan Medicine in Estonia increased over time, due to her continuous work in inviting Dr. Nida Chenagtsang to give lessons in Estonia. I have completed the 4-year certificate program of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and continue to participate in the teachings of medicine and spiritual practices to enrich my life and enjoy the presence of the teacher and the Sangha. The study and practice of Tibetan medicine has become my lifestyle.

Being happy is the most longed-for human desire and pleasure is the first emotion. But from where come the obstacles, when we strive towards happiness? What is the nature of suffering? Who am I and how can I find the best use for my talents? The greatest and deepest teachings I have received have come from the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine. The greatest and the most advantageous explanations for my questions, I have received through the teachings of Tibetan Medicine. The spicy metaphorical teachings blend effortlessly and arouse curiosity.

The International Forum of Sowa Rigpa offered me an opportunity to support carrying out a Horme workshop. This workshop will introduce just one therapy out of many. Disorders arise from the imbalance of 5 elements in the body, which are categorized based on their nature. The disorder is either of a hot or cold nature, and the general rule is that the first course of treatment is the opposite, and if that does not help, use a similar one. Thus, a cold-natured disorder, which in essence is non-functioning, is treated with hot-natured therapies and medicine. Hormee, or Mongolian moxa, is one option. This therapy is simple astonishingly effective, and easy to perform.

I hope that luck is with us and me and that I am skilled enough to be balanced and able to give my best support to Forum organizers and participants.

ཧོར་མེ hormé therapy WORKSHOP

Hormé, otherwise known as 'Mongolian Moxibustion', is one of the fundamental external therapies highlighted in the Four Medical Tantras, the root text of Tibetan Medicine. It is primarily used to address imbalances in the wind humor (Tib. རླུང་ “loong”) by deeply relaxing, warming, and nourishing the body and mind. This safe and simple method involves dipping small compresses filled with aromatic wind-pacifying herbs into warm oil and applying them to specific points on the body. It can be used as a standalone therapy or combined with other healing modalities such as acupuncture or massage.

In this practical workshop, Drukmo Gyal will introduce the basic principles of hormé, teaching us how to prepare herbal compresses at home, how to locate the key hormé points on the body, and apply the therapy to others.

This is an excellent workshop for bodyworkers, healers of various modalities, or anyone simply interested in applying this simple and safe home remedy to friends and family.