Sowa Rigpa physician in Nepal; Founding principal of International College of Sowa Rigpa in Nepal.
Dr Nyima Tsering
Dr. Nyima Tsering Nepali, a native of Nepal, got his academic qualifications in Nepal and India in Sowa Rigpa Medicine and Buddhist Philosophy. In his more
than ten years of professional career, Nyima served in the preservation and promotion of Sowa Rigpa Medicine. And treating thousands of patients from all
over the world. And teaching Sowa Rigpa Medicine and Buddhist Philosophy to many Institutions. Dr. Nyima was extensively involved in the establishment of the first Sowa Rigpa College in Nepal with international experts. And anonymously selected as the first founding principal of the College. Dr. Nyima’s research works cover a range of topics such as the relationship between the human mind and body, traditional methods of pharmacology with their significance, the Essentials of Buddhist philosophy with Sowa Rigpa Medicine, and so forth. Dr. Nyima organized free medical camps during the devastating earthquake and COVID-19 pandemic. Lifetime member of the Red Cross Nepal for health awareness and several other organizations. For his substantial contributions, Dr Nyima has been recognized by national and international organizations including the Sowa Rigpa Association Nepal, Mental Health Hospital TU, SIT, AYUSH India, Sorigkhang International US, Sorigkhang Singapore, Sorig Center Latvia, Japanese Chinese Medical Association Japan, and others.


Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Agar 35 Herbal Formula

Agar-35, an herbal blend deeply rooted in Traditional Tibetan Medicine, aims to alleviate the adverse mental states linked with anxiety and mood disorders, such as negative affect, stress, and rumination. Among its 35 herbal components, Aquilaria agallocha, commonly known as Eaglewood or Agar, stands as the primary ingredient. This formulation, based on Agar, is traditionally prescribed to address imbalances in "rlung རླུང་," or what's termed as "wind" in English. According to the foundational text "The Four Medical Tantras" of Traditional Tibetan Medicine - or known as Sowa Rigpa globally, rlung (wind) constitutes one of the three disturbances, alongside mkhris pa (bile) and bad kan (phlegm), which respectively dictate health and disease states.